Life drawing update

I'm training myself to take down lots of information very quickly while in-session with a model, and then flesh out the details on my own time. The only problem with this approach is that my lack of visual memory sometimes results in cartoony faces. That last one especially suffered from the "I forgot to record the facial features" syndrome. I also started a self portrait the other night, but when I realised it looked nothing like me I threw my pencil down in disgust and refused to do any more. It was very dramatic.


Veggie vectors and a soybean leaf

Here's a concept sketch and first drawings for the iPhone app I am working on in conjunction with a group of friends. These will be displayed both as small icons in lists and more prominently on individual fruit and vegetable pages.

I've been working on this (nearly complete) composite of a soybean leaf cross section for a while now: the underlying 3D model last summer, the normal texture in the fall, and most recently the composite for the set of posters I'm helping to prepare for display in Hyderabad, India in a couple of months.
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