Prison isle

A prison island inspired by Alcatraz (lighthouse, smokestack, water tower). I must have had The Curse of Monkey Island in mind as I drew this. Remember the Plunder Island map with those dramatic cinnamon roll clouds? I might try a darker, more severe version next.


Architectural identity crisis

A value study and more detailed sketch of the lab set for scene 1 of the virtual play to be staged in the aforementioned classical/byzantine-esque theatre. The play is about robots, and it's rather edgy. My kind of drama. Presently reworking the architectural flourishes to make it a bit less Victorian (although I'm definitely keeping the Frankenstein-derived "lightnining bulbs") and a bit more art deco. At least, that's the idea.


Groundling theater

A structure/lighting concept for a virtual theater to be used to stage interactive plays. The concept is a somewhat dilapidated (derelict, perhaps?) ~200-year-old theater from the turn of the 20th century. Barrel-shaped, with a dramatic dome a la the Hagia Sophia or Pantheon. Three-tiered gallery pays homage to the Globe.



My third and final rough for the Goose project. Having trouble making Oliver stand out against the background. I'm also unhappy with the overall sense of light and shadow. Perhaps if I knock back the value throughout the image and then selectively bring back key areas--Oliver's silhouette, the edge of the stack of books--I'll achieve the look I have in mind. Right now, I think there is a bit too much ambient light.


Book cover

My idea was to mimic those old promotional air force posters from WWII. I got the idea to put billowing clouds from this war bonds poster.


Goose update

A WIP of one of the illustrations I'm working on for the Goose book. This is a 1/3 resolution rough sketch with a bit of colour thrown in to give me an opportunity to play with value, and as an excuse to practice :) After I get this approved, I'll blow up the drawing, transfer it to board, and redraw the scene without all those chicken scratches. Critiques are, as always, heartily welcomed!
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