Two more 30-min drawings from my Monday night co-op. I had a lot of trouble making headway on the second drawing in the studio--I'm still not working as fast as I would like--but I got enough information down to do a little touch up after the fact. Face is still wonky and I didn't record any lighting information.


More bio illustrations and a bug

Working on an illustration after a design by Prof. Robert C. Brown. The idea is to tie together two illustrated "vignettes" that tell the story of fuel production from differing perspectives. These are a few of the nine illustrations I put together for the piece. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble tying the piece together into a cohesive whole. I probably just need to spend more time with it, but I'm also worried my paintings differ too much stylistically.

A little sketch for a quilting project my grandmother is working on. She asked for a 'B' with a bug.


More figures

A couple of 30 minute drawings from co-op last night. I like the variety a bunch of shorter poses provide, but I am never able to move beyond a simple line drawing in half an hour. An additional fifteen minutes, maybe thirty would be sufficient for me to put in more interesting varied-line and basic shading. Something to flesh these out a bit more. Or maybe I'm just too slow. Many of the other attendees add tone almost immediately, but I can't stand shading a drawing with bad proportions.



Working on a concept for an illustration depicting two notable relics of the automotive industry. I really have no idea why the steam car isn't still with us today--I'd happily commute to work in one of these! The final illustration will include a fission car on the right from a similar perspective. I haven't yet decided if I want to paint the entire illustration or first draw the mechanical bits in illustrator and then paint in the happy people. My sketch is pretty wobbly, and a couple of mathematically precise ovals couldn't hurt...
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