Sketch roundup

Geese! I'd forgotten how fun it is to anthropomorphize animals.

Mascot sketches for Groundling Games.

Ever have a sudden urge to draw but all you can find is a magazine cover featuring Brad Pitt? Well, that's what happened.


Another round of sketches from India

Antique cars and motorcycles on display at Chowmahalla Palace (near the Charminar in the old part of Hyderabad). I was focused on quickly sketching all of the cars until a high school-aged student approached me and requested we draw a motorcycle together. Ironically, he chose the "Indian Chief"--a cycle of American make prominently featuring a native American on the front fender. Also: a limeade vendor and his cart. Limeade in Hyderabad (and perhaps all of India) is very salty, very sweet, and just a little bit sour.

Bored at a sheesha bar...

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