Pixelchef logo - rough draft

Here's a rather rough first draft of the new pixelchef logo for my forthcoming web site. I am satisfied with the pose, but everything else is off. The colors are not sufficiently bright and cheery, and I am beginning to think the warmer color should be the dominant hue. Neither pixelation effect is working, either, but I want to continue playing around with the idea. Haven't thought to much about the background yet, but I may throw in one of those (admittedly overused) sunburst deals.


Groundling theater geometry

My current "Robot" task is to model the Groundling theater. The base symmetrical geometry, weighing in at just under 7000 polys is nearly complete. I will start work on the asymmetrical bits next, followed by baking details and painting textures.


Two more

More biology posters, this time covering the Calvin Cycle! These complete the set.
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