Yes, more bread

I baked a rather sad round of French loaves for my master class last weekend. So sad, in fact, that I have taken it upon myself to bake every day this week in an effort to improve my skills. My first order of business was trying more French bread--see above.

In addition to solving the mystery of appalling crust pallor that had plagued my previous dozen or so loaves (my steam pan, stupidly placed above my bread, must have insulated the tops of my loaves sufficiently to prevent them from browning!) I also proved to myself that very wet dough is not as terrifying as I once thought. See ciabatte:

I promise I'll post something sketch-related in a day or two.


Pesky carbon dioxide

I decided to completely rework the "Carbon burden" graphic that has been tormenting me these past few weeks. My inspiration: board games! I decided to make each of the drawings look like playing pieces set on a board, all sharing a common perspective. I'm not yet 100% satisfied with the clarity of the illustration, nor am I convinced I should leave the pencil drawings unshaded. The primary reason I haven't painted them in yet is because I'm afraid they will compete visually with the other more important graphical elements--like the arrows or the CO2 molecules. More later.


Sketch dump

A handful of studies for illustrations I am presently working on, as well as random drawings from the last couple of weeks. Horses: two of my projects require me to draw them, but when I sat down and attempted to sketch one from memory the poor animal looked awful. Sort of a cow-meets-wolf abomination.


Sour cinnamons

A half-eaten batch of sourdough cinnamon rolls, shown here on my all-time favorite platter. My last batch didn't turn out very well, probably because my apartment was frigid. I also used less WW flour this time but added a bunch of wheat germ for texture. Very tasty.
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