a question of style

So, I can't decide if I want to illustrate all 100 fruits + veggies for "SeasonalChef" in Illustrator

or Flash

I guess I could switch between programs depending on the visual complexity of each consumable, but I was rather hoping to stick with one application. I'm sure this is directly related to me being familiar, but far from adept, with both drawing programs. The mesh gradient tool in Illustrator is a godsend for knobby, elongated, twisted, or otherwise funky veggies. But I really like how Flash gives the ability to localize alpha channels in gradients without messing around with masks. What a tragic dilemma.


Learn cell biology in 10 easy steps!

The set of posters that will be on display in India. Thanks again to Will Schneller for assembling and rendering many of the 3D assets.


assorted sketches

A few sketches I've had lying around for a while. I re-penciled the "steamobile" for the book, eventually hope to paint it and make it into a proper illustration. The first scan is a little card I made for a friend who was kind enough to buy me lots of flour on her last day at Whole Foods (employee discount!) I have more bits and pieces on my drawing table, but I need to find motivation to draw before I can hope to be moved to scan anything in.
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