Pixelchef logo - rough draft

Here's a rather rough first draft of the new pixelchef logo for my forthcoming web site. I am satisfied with the pose, but everything else is off. The colors are not sufficiently bright and cheery, and I am beginning to think the warmer color should be the dominant hue. Neither pixelation effect is working, either, but I want to continue playing around with the idea. Haven't thought to much about the background yet, but I may throw in one of those (admittedly overused) sunburst deals.


Steve Tank said...

Very fun! I look forward to the final version and to my career at Pixelchef Productions. : )

Magma said...

Haha! I like it!
Just as a note however, the 'pixelated' ones make it look as if perhaps you are censoring out naughty-bits....:)

Trent Grover said...

Chef looks sweet. I would suggest you keep him as finished as possible and confine the pixelated effect to whatever you put behind him (like a big pixelated mural or something). That would get your point across while keeping stronger focus on the character and avoiding the naughty censor. Could also do something pixely with whatever type will go with this.

Trevor said...

Thanks for the input. I agree--the pixelation does detract from the character. (And yes, Mark, now I think of "The Sims" shower scenes whenever I look at these!) I'll play around with pixelating a sunburst in the background.

The idea is for this to be as compelling at 512px as it is as a 16px favicon, although I'm certain I won't get it much below 64px in its current state.

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