Painted PixelChef logo


Round 2: painted logo. Font is Univers. I failed to come up with a pixelation effect that I was happy with, so decided to omit it. The next step is to adjust the logo for readability at various resolutions. Suggestions are welcome!


Steve Tank said...

Nice. The dot on the "i" really stands out. I wonder how this would look as a square dot - more of a square pixel as it were. I also wondered how the brushes would look larger, more exaggerated. It might help when the logo is smaller. Just some ideas. I really like the image.

Chris said...

Agreed with Steve -- the image is awesome, brushes might look good a little larger.

As for the font, maybe consider a more subtle color palette, the bright yellow feels a little strange, especially with that harsh contrast on the blue dot. Maybe just keep the font black and let the logo speak for itself?

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