Metropolis tone and color

In a (not completely successful) attempt to save time I employed the grisaille technique for the final stages of the Metropolis project. Grisaille involves painting first in grayscale and then overlaying a transparent color wash. The idea is that by being able to focus on value removed from color considerations, one will be able to crank through the initial stages of the painting very quickly. In my case, I didn't push my values far enough before adding color, and this resulted in some of the panels looking washed out and underdeveloped. (I used the color blending mode in Photoshop.) That said, I think the more simplistic look of the colored page is acceptable for sequential art. A good exercise if nothing else!

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Mark Magma said...

Awesome! How did you run into these guys? Doing comics would be sweet, I've slowly been working on some ideas for my own the past few years.

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