Missing You, Metropolis

The first two stages of the Missing You, Metropolis project I've been working on the past few weeks. Graywolf Press hired me to produce a graphic treatment of the title poem from a soon-to-be-published book by Gary Jackson. The book focuses on the interplay between the imaginary worlds and characters found in comic books and the very real, often difficult experiences of the author growing in rural Kansas. The concept is to depict snippets from the poem in the format of a page from a graphic novel. This 6x11" illustration will be included in the first run of galleys sent out to editors, reviewers, etc.

The rough illustration is intended to demonstrate my visual concept to the client. Once this is approved, I redraw the panels and refine my linework. (Thanks to my aspiring photographer buddy Diarmuid Kelleher for helping me snap a few reference photographs for this stage of the project.)


Chris said...

Great to see you trying some comics. Love it.

Trevor said...

Yeah, it was a fun project. Kind of wish I had the 24 hour comic book experience under my belt, though...

Gary said...


I just wanted to say I really REALLY enjoyed this comic design and I was amazed at how beautiful the whole piece came together. Great work. Thank you so much!


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